Premiere: “Dance With Me” by Karen Jonas

“Nobody told me that life would be so hard,” Karen Jonas sings as she makes the understatement of the century in her new single “Dance With Me,” featured on her new album Butter, set for release on  June 1st.

“Dance With Me” is an invitation to the listener to participate, to “step down from the mansion and dance”–she literally dares us to stay in the game. The waltz-y feel of the tune, grounded in an alt-country low end-leaning guitar atmosphere that provides a lovely foundation for her tender vocal style, shows us that she’s ready and not going anywhere, y’all.

“I wrote ‘Dance With Me’ when we had a potential music industry deal fall through,” she explains of the song’s inspiration. “I had to let them know that I was pregnant with my third child, and they backpedaled hard. The song was an invitation for them to hang in there with us, to believe in me enough to work through it. I think a lot of women lose their voices because of the assumptions people make about the challenges of pregnancy and parenthood, and it’s hard to catch back up,” she says. “I worked hard through all of my babies, but it still lost me a potentially valuable deal.”

It’s a sad reality that society, on some level, expects women to choose between their careers and their families; artists  like Jonas (as well as the very existence of this outlet where you’re reading this post at this moment) are solid proof that we can, and we will if we so choose, to have both.

Without further ado, Mother Church Pew proudly presents “Dance With Me” by Karen Jonas:

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Susan Hubbard


  1. I wonder sometimes how the music business stays in business, given the way they treat talent. Perhaps up to now they’ve been able to claim that they own the only path to success. I think there are cracks in that particular edifice, and if they’re not careful they’ll find themselves getting left behind.
    Certainly they’ve made a mistake in passing by Karen Jonas!

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