Pew Playlist: 3 Albums That Should Be On Your Radar, 3/3/17

The Kernal – Light Country There’s something refreshingly familiar about Light Country, the new full-length record from Jackson, Tennessee-based red suit wearing traditionalist, The Kernal, out via John Paul White’s Single Lock Records. With quick-witted lyrics that encompass everything from a knock-kneed ballerina who… Continue Reading

“Blue Christmas” – New Music from The Lumineers

The Lumineers have released their version of “Blue Christmas” via Dualtone Records, reworking an Elvis Presley season classic and reforming it with their signature stripped-down yet emotive charm. The band performed the song while partaking in the prestigious 94th annual National Christmas… Continue Reading

Album Review: ” The Spirit Moves” by Langhorne Slim & The Law

“Life is a song that must be sung,” Langhorne Slim growls gruffly, in the company of beautiful brass and a straightforward, vintage sound. One could argue that the music of “Life’s A Bell”,  the opening track of Slim’s 7th professional release, The… Continue Reading