Interview: John Fatum

Music is a universal language; it can convey the highest highs and the deepest depths of human emotion, it triggers memories, it defines historical eras, it unites.  Music communicates to each listener in different ways; sometimes it speaks to us,… Continue Reading

Album Review: Locked Up In My Mind – John Fatum

Sometimes I hear an album that feels so genuine and unique, it refreshes my musical palate, bringing new flavors I didn’t even know I liked.  My musical experience had been missing something for a while, but I didn’t know what–until my… Continue Reading

“Locked Up In My Mind” – New Music from John Fatum

John Fatum, Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter and percussionist for Americana band The Rad Trads, is releasing his debut album, Locked Up In My Mind, on December 11th via Dala Records.  Fatum’s debut is filled with songs that speak to love, love loss, and, of… Continue Reading